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The Investigating Accountant and Monitoring Accountant

Typically in a Workout process, the creditors will require the involvement of an Investigating Accountant. The role of the Investigating Accountant is to:

* gather information on the current position of the company;
* conduct an assessment of the business units including an analysis of strategy, forecasts and available resources such as cash reserves and management capability;
* facilitate the bringing together of various stakeholders.

FSIA has implemented its Business Review Service on many occasions as an integral part of Workouts.

Often a Monitoring Accountant is also used in a Workout. The Role of a Monitoring Accountant is to give comfort to creditors that a company is not dissipating its assets, whilst the Workout process is underway. The scope of duties for a Monitoring Accountant varies widely and is designed to suit the particular circumstances of the company and to address specific risk areas.