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Education and Training

FSIA has a team of instructor trained professionals specialising in insolvency and restructuring courses. Our presenters have many years experience in conducting training programmes in the banking and financial services sector. We have played a significant role in providing outsourced education programmes to a number of major trading banks and financial institutions, as well as regional banks and large corporates.

Our trainers bring a hands on, practical and pragmatic perspective to training reflecting their background as business people with a solid understanding of commercial issues and realities.

FSIA is renowned for its training course “The Restructuring Series”. We have developed a comprehensive training course and manual designed to assist Lenders in developing in-house restructuring skills. The course and manual are delivered in three parts:

* The Due Diligence Process;
* Assessing Forecasts;
* A Systematic Approach to Restructuring.

Each course is designed to teach the basic skills and leave the participant with a comprehensive manual to assist on-the-job. The course was originally developed and delivered for an Asian Central Bank and has since been delivered to 12 other large lenders.

In addition, we have pre-prepared courses that can easily be modified to your specific needs. These include:

* Credit Assessment Lending.
* Understanding the Customers Business
* Insolvency Warning Signs.
* Credit Risk
* Dealing with Problem Loans
* Understanding Financial Statements.